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Beyond the Numbers: Student-Centered Activities for Learning Statistical Reasoning 7th Edition

Statistics educators have long known that ordinary statistical concepts can be extraordinarily hard for students to grasp. They are often abstract, and at their core, mathematically complex, and they can be really hard to understand without the benefit of practical encounters. This workbook is intended to facilitate those kinds of encounters through the use of hands-on activities, projects, and real-world media clips. As such, it is appropriate for many different kinds of classrooms, either as the primary resource in an inverted classroom, or a secondary resource in a more traditional classroom. At the University of Kentucky this workbook is required for STA 210, a concepts-based course designed to develop your expertise at consuming the kinds of inferential arguments encountered, or constructed, as part of our daily lives. The course is taught in a "student-centered" style, with traditional content expected to be completed outside of class. Class time is delegated to project, discussion, and discovery exercises. This content is available both as Read All About sections in the book and as videos that are freely available on the book website.

ISBN: 978-1-61740-480-1

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