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College Algebra - Problem Solving Approach

NOTE: This is the Seventh Edition, and approved by the department to use for Fall 2018 classes if you can not obtain a Sixth Edition copy.

College Algebra – A Problem Solving Approach is a very affordable, basic, no-frills text that covers the traditional topics of College Algebra. Part 1 develops the Common Core standards for Algebra. Part 2 is designed to further the Common Core standards for mathematical reasoning and modeling. The text contains tons of examples and more exercises than most of the expensive, glossy texts. This is a book which will allow the average student to master College Algebra. Importantly, the text can be used with or without the aid of graphing utilities. With an XYZ-Homework access code included with the text and a great number of examples which align closely with the exercises, the text is also ideally suited for an online course.

ISBN: 978-1-61740-599-0

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