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Political Analysis for the Rest of Us: An Accessible Take on the Science of Political Science

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Employing a style that is accessible to all undergraduate students, Political Analysis for the Rest of Us introduces students to the “science” part of political science. Should taxes be cut to help the middle class? Are students best off voting for Democrats or Republicans? How do ethnic differences influence global protests? Why do wars begin and how do they end? Rather than going with our instincts or following the loudest leader, students will learn that political scientists have tools and techniques to answer these and all sorts of other interesting questions about politics.

The text is lighthearted and fun to engage students who are scared of math, but also covers essential topics like survey design, statistical significance, creating effective figures, the concept of control, and how to read a professional table. With embedded videos (QR codes) and plenty of material for guided practice, the book provides students with the tools needed to assure success for all learning modalities.

The author recognizes the large start-up costs that come with new courses and materials. Thus, adoption comes with instructor materials that are seamlessly integrated into LMS platforms like Canvas. These materials include powerpoint slides, quizzes and exams, lecture notes, and pre-recorded lectures to support either in-class or online adoption.

ISBN: 978-1-61740-770-3

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