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Presentations That Matter

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Third Edition
Melanie Morgan, Jennifer Hall & Lindsey B. Anderson

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Presentations that Matter takes a unique approach to the foundational communication course. It is a student-centered textbook that focuses on presentational speaking while using STEM and business examples to contextualize the content. In addition, each chapter begins with a current, real-world case study to demonstrate the ways in which presentational speaking principles and practices are enacted in academic, professional, personal, and civic settings.

The textbook draws on the STEM, business, and human services fields to contextualize the presentational speaking focus. To do this, the authors incorporates current, real-world case studies from these contexts to demonstrate the ways in which presentational speaking principles and practices are used.

This text also brings an academic perspective to this practical subject. In doing so they created more than a “how to” manual by providing rationale for best practices. The textbook also covers relevant theoretical frameworks that explain communication concepts and principles, such as media richness theory and the narrative paradigm. In addition, the authors include seminal research (e.g., James McCroskey’s work on communication apprehension) that further emphasizes the need to be able to give presentations that matter in academic, professional, personal and civic settings.

Key Features
• Focuses on presentational speaking so students learn best practices and the corresponding rational for preparing presentations that matter in academic, professional, personal, and civic settings.
• Contextualizes presentational speaking practice and content using STEM and business examples.
• Uses real-world case studies to illustrate key concepts for each chapter.
• Incorporates research-based content that concisely explains communication principles and practices.
• Lists clear objectives for each chapter.
• Features content boxes that highlight key concepts and offer additional explanation.

ISBN: 978-1-61740-649-2

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